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10 TAMU Fall “Can’t Live With-outs”

The rain is kicking in again and temperatures will drop as fast as the latest Drake “Hotline Bling” meme.

There are certain items a college girl in College Station can’t live without during the remainder of this fall semester. Invest in these smart and trending fall must haves below for a fashion-forward and efficient lifestyle.

1) Plum Lip-Stains

Here at Texas A&M, this lip shade is a staple for a red-ass look. Lip-stains last longer and free the worries of your lipstick breaking or melting in the south Texas humidity. These lip hues can be found almost anywhere, but MAC’s perennial rose shade is by far the best purchase based on quality.

2) Rain Boots

Without these, it is nearly impossible to commute on campus on a rainy day without stepping in the flowing rivers that flood the sidewalks. Never be that one student that slops in class with squeaky shoes. Rain boots are an actual item of survival and STILL look good with an outfit.

3) Tea  

One tea a day will definitely keep the doctor away. A cup can alleviate seasonal allergies or just be a tasty, healthy drink. For all coffee addicts, this is a perfect substitute to enjoy.

4) Fur Vests

Expect to see more fur later this semester. I would grab these fast before they get sold out before the holiday season! Love animals and wear fashionable faux fur that is just as warm and fashion-forward.

5) Athletic Hats

It is possible to look casual-cute! These are always perfect on-the-go items to grab whether you’re running late to that 8 a.m. class, out of dry shampoo, going out on a jog, or pairing it with an outfit. The only place where you won’t be able to pull off this look is at the Memorial Student Center.

6) "Hooked app"

 A download of this free app will make a difference for your broke college student budget. The short-term offers can be used at restaurant chains off-campus in College Station. Allocate those saved pennies to “treat-yo-self” later with a retail purchase or add it towards personal savings. Believe me, the dollars will add up.

7) Fall Fleeces

IT’S HANS SOLO SEASON AGAIN! Fleece vests, jackets, and quarter zips are essential necessities to stay warm. Ladies, it’s sweater weather.

8) Totes

Backpacks aren’t everything. Sometimes a tote is just as good of an option if you’re carrying a light load of books to class. This fall, leather and waterproof Longchamp Le Pliage totes are trending.

9) Booties

This is the year for booties. Riding boots are a solid staple for a wardrobe, but it isn’t complete without a pair of booties. They are a reliable and fashionable go-to item for flexible day-time and night-time looks.

10) Yoga Pants

The best is always saved for last. Yoga pants and leggings are the perfect substitute to heavy jeans and sweatpants. Look sporty, wear them with boots, or just wear them around the house!

Howdy, I am a Freshman Finance major from Dallas, Texas! I am a volleyball and tennis enthusiast, food connoisseur, and learner of new languages. In the near future, I hope to work towards a career in the fashion or information technology industry.
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