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Ways to Incorporate Crystals into Your Life

I think I have always loved crystals. It started when I was fairly young. I would collect crystals or rocks from hikes and the beach; when we would go to museums or gift stores I always ran to the tumbled stones section to fill up a little overpriced baggy, and when my dad pulled down a box from the top of his closet filled with crystals and gemstones he had collected on his travels, I was in awe. I think liking crystals can give people a bad rap, as weird as that sounds. People start to associate it with woo-woo witchcraft or assume you use crystals to try to heal head and stomach aches. While I am not disproving these uses for crystals, I do not personally use them as such. What I do know is that whenever I have a crystal nearby, for décor, meditation, or otherwise, my mood lifts because they really are just a beautiful thing from nature that we can enjoy. Below, I am going to give a few ways one can incorporate crystals into their life with ease. 


1.     Decor 

Incorporating crystals into your decor is probably the easiest and most seamless way to have crystals in your life to bring you joy and serenity when they’re in sight. Crystals in their natural jagged, pointy form are one of my favorite ways they’re presented, but there are many other crystal shapes and objects you can acquire to fit into the theme of your room. They make large crystal spheres, bowls, candle holders, towers, lamps, and more that one can place throughout a room to bring natural light to the space. For myself, I tend to have a bowl filled with smaller natural shaped crystals of all kinds, then have a few larger free-standing spheres or towers placed on shelves that balance each other out. The other wonderful thing about crystals is that there are so many different kinds; you can find ones that speak to you in absolutely any color to help compliment the space. 


2.     Jewelry 

My second recommendation, if looking to obtain some crystals, is in jewelry form. Most jewelry companies use crystals and gemstones, so you can find a jewelry brand that fits your style while incorporating crystals as the main focal point of the pieces. I am wearing a necklace, a couple bracelets, and lots of rings, all adorned with different stones. To start, maybe acquire a ring or necklace with your birthstone in it, then build a collection around the crystals and colors you wear the most. Some of my favorites are Garnet, Rose Quartz, Jade, Prasiolite, and Opal. You can also find jewelry at all different prices, which is a bonus. Just make sure they are using real crystals. Some of my favorite brands are Energy Muse, Lili Claspe, and David Yurman. 


3.     Meditation/Calming Anxiety  

While not everyone may meditate – though you should definitely look into it if you don’t – almost everyone feels anxiety or stress from time to time and surprisingly crystals can help with this. I do not mean that they are the answer to stress, but like a stress ball, holding or rolling your favorite smooth palm stone, sphere, or tumbled crystal in your hand can take the focus away from conflict and give you a sense of calm. I like to have one nearby or hold one during meditating, my favorite being an Opal or Clear Quartz sphere. Blue Lace Agate and Amethyst are also known for being anxiety helping stones, perhaps because of the peaceful colors they encompass. 


There is no right way to use crystals or to have them within your life. I use mine mainly as a mood lifter because of their beauty and the connection to nature they bring into my life and space. Many can range in price, and some kinds of crystals are more expensive than others. Some of my favorite places to shop for them and sometimes score a deal is Etsy, the brands energymuse.com and crystals.com, and local gem and mineral shows. I hope you found this article helpful and use it moving forward on your next redecorating or crystal journey!




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