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I’m not sure if it’s the time of year, new schedule, or just a funk I’ve been in, but my anxiety has definitely been at its peak in the last few weeks. The first step in tackling my brain’s current state is recognizing how I feel, what’s making me feel that way, and behaviors that help calm me down and bring me peace. Anxiety is beyond frustrating and can make a person feel helpless and isolated within seconds. Below are ways that I cope with my anxiety and approaches I take to calm myself down: 


Taking Time For Myself

I would consider myself partially introverted and partially extroverted, but something that remains constant is my need for alone time and self-care. I get overwhelmed easily if I haven’t taken time for myself, so I try to designate time every day to collect myself and prevent heightened and unnecessary anxiety. 



I wouldn’t consider myself a chef by any means, or even that great of a cook, but I’ve found baking and cooking to be an extremely calming and mindless activity to partake in when I’m feeling anxious. It’s a win-win situation because I feel calm while cooking, and rewarded when I get to eat what I made or have a snack for later. 


Coffee Shops

I’m not sure how to describe my relationship with coffee, but long story short I don’t even really like the taste. I see going to coffee shops as more of a peaceful activity and safe space to relax in while I sip my drink. Finding new coffee shops to go to, to start my day gives me more serotonin than almost any other activity, especially during the holidays.



Organizing and keeping my space clean is something that helps calm me down the most. I find it important to wake up and make my bed immediately, clean up any mess in my room and bathroom, and light my candle. (Side note: the Marshmallow Fireside candle from Bath and Body Works is a fall must-have.) I also find it important to clean up the kitchen and living room before starting my day. This series of events has become a constant of my mornings that helps to keep me grounded and productive in an attempt to start my day on a good note.


Staying on Top of Work  

I have always been a pretty bad procrastinator, but I’ve learned recently that it just worsens my anxiety and makes me feel more overwhelmed than necessary. I’ve been trying to stay on top of school work, and always get my assignments done a bit before they’re due, and it has helped tremendously in alleviating some of my stress. 


Going for a Drive

Taking a drive through the city while listening to some of my favorite music has become one of my go-to calming methods these past few weeks. Whenever I feel myself getting overwhelmed, I find driving around to be a nice and mindless break that can help me regather my thoughts. 



Pinterest is a new and fun activity I’ve gotten into recently. I have a board titled “mood board” that I add to when I’m feeling creative but also want to relax. 

Emma is a Senior Advertising and Public Relations major and Women and Gender Studies/Journalism minor at The University of Tampa. She loves the beach, graphic design, photography, and traveling.
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