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You want my body but never me.

The object of your desire.

Never the receiver of your love and passion.

Simply a possession you claim.

A toy you play with then disregard

when a shiny new one catches your eye.


Like a child you hold me tight, pulling me in.

Make me love you only for you to toss me aside,

yet still I am yours.


My head tells me no as I see all of the signs,

yet my heart, ever the hopeless romantic,

knows no better and comes back to you faithfully

Every single time.


They say the heart is one of the strongest

muscles in the body… guess it would have to be

to constantly endure the heartbreak you put me through.


I guess it’s easier to smile and pretend everything is fine,

Rather than admit my heart is hurting

from losing something that was never mine.


When we are in the room together you imitate heat and passion like a flame,

but as soon as I ask for clarification

the oxygen seems to be suffocated out of the room.

Smothering the flame, killing our “relationship”

before it even began.


They say friendship is key

… maybe my key isn’t the right match.

Nonetheless, time has shown you see me as unworthy

of your love.

For a while I thought you might be right.

But I know now that it is You that is unworthy

of My love.


A boy pretending to be a man.

Always prepared to get between my thigh, but

Never my Mind,


or Heart.

You pull me in to push me away,

but not anymore.

I’m done indulging in your childish ways.

Overthinking and doubting myself isn’t worth it anymore.

It’s time for me to just be happy…

Amanda is a double major in English and Philosophy with a minor in Law. Even though she plans to eventually become a lawyer, Amanda has always been a writer at heart. She loves adventure and trying new things. In her free time you can find her traveling, bingeing a new show, writing, or relaxing in her hammock with a nice book. To keep up with all of Amanda’s new adventures follow her on instagram @_unapologeticallyamanda
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