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A Review on Sprouts Farmers Market

Just for your information, Sprouts Farmers Market is not actually a farmer’s market. Sprouts is an organic grocery store that is very similar to the business of Whole Foods. A Sprouts market just opened in Tampa a couple of weeks ago, and I was able to go and shop there over the weekend. Here are my thoughts about Sprouts Farmers Market.  

            I learned about Sprouts through a radio advertisement while my roommate and I were driving to UT, and she suggested we check it out over the weekend. I am always up for some produce, so of course I agreed. Since this was a radio advertisement that marketed Sprouts as a “Farmers Market” I was not expecting it to look like a grocery store. In all honesty this was a little disappointing.

            When we walked in the door the place was SWARMED. People were really into this place, and when I took a look at some of their deals I could see why. Sprouts was selling boxes of rice crackers for only $1 and organic cherry tomatoes for $2.99! The cheap college student side of me was squealing. 

            Much like Whole Foods, Sprouts offers a salad bar, olive bar, wood barrels full of grains and sweets and specialty coffee grounds. Everything looked delicious.

            At the end of the day I ended up buying a box of mango passionfruit tea because I’m a little obsessed with mango and I couldn’t resist.

            So overall, if you like Whole Foods you will probably enjoy Sprouts Farmers Market. If you are looking for a traditional farmers market where farmers sell local produce – you might prefer to look elsewhere.

My name is Leann Petschonek, and I am a Junior here at the University of Tampa studying Biology. I was originally born in Michigan, but moved to Florida when I was five, and loved the Sunshine State ever since (even though I am, Ironically, very VERY pale). I tend to be introverted in person, but I have a large voice on paper. You can usually find me reading a book- or glaring at one as I study, taking some pictures, or watching more television then I probably should.
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