Midnight Madness

Midnight Madness marked the start for Homecoming week and the basketball teams’ training for the upcoming season. Doors opened at 10 pm with the basketball teams and cheerleading squad welcoming people in. Legacy provided glow sticks, and food like popcorn and chocolate chip cookies was available upon entrance.

The event kicked off at 11 and as always the men’s and women’s basketball teams entertained us with 3 point shooting competitions, showed us their dunking abilities and their team bonding. UT’s Unified Dance Crew, Spartan Scarlets, Caribbean Dance Team, and Spanish Dance Team showed us their amazing choreographies and a final dance that included a member of each dance crew.


Arianna Pepin (Unified Dance Crew) and Brent Duncan (men’s basketball team) answered some questions:

How rigorous is training?

“Normally have a day off a week. The workouts during preseason are a lot more difficult in the weight room and conditioning but once the season starts it’s less tiring.” – Brent Duncan

“Had practice every Friday 5-7 starting on September 9th and for a few weeks leading up to the event, we practiced on Sundays 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. because the practice was a need (especially to start making formations.)” – Arianna Pepin


What was your favorite part about Midnight Madness?

“Probably the free food, or welcoming everyone in, we were just dancing around with no pressure and it made all of us even more excited to share what we had been working on.” – Arianna

“Having all the people in the stands.” – Brent


How important is school spirit?

“Very important. It’s so much better to play in front of a bunch of people instead of no one.”– Brent

Midnight Madness is an event to get the student body involved with campus activities and promote school spirit. As Spartans, it is important to support each other and take pride in our school and the athletes that work hard to represent it. Make sure to attend any upcoming games and show that Spartan pride!


Image Credits: @Young.Dreamerz