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How to get Through the Midterm Blues

It’s post-midterms and you can barely keep your eyes open, here are some tips to get through your the post-midterm blues:

1. Self-care is the best care!

  • (a) Midterms always keep us on our toes consistently studying and sometimes we forget that we’re real people that need time to think about other things than just the powerhouse of the cell. So remember that self-care is just as important as your grades, and give yourself some love!
  • (b) To Do List:
    1. Make a banging playlist and dance around your room (my go-to song right now is Suncity by Khalid featuring Empress Of)
    2. Go out to Plant Park and put your phone on airplane mode for 30 minutes, take this time to reflect on you.
    3. Go to lunch! Sometimes eating alone in a public restaurant is terrifying, but honestly, it’s so much fun to just enjoy your own company!

2. Call home!

I know when I get into the midterm groove, I sometimes forget I have a whole family at home. Just hearing a parent, guardian, siblings, or friends voice can truly change your day from a 2 to a 10 just like that. But, if you don’t have someone to call home to, get together with a friend on campus. They’re your college family and they want to support and love you too!

3. Treat yo’self!

Go get your nails done since they got messed up by all the physics problems you had to do! Go buy that sweater you’ve been eyeing for a while! Sometimes spending a little money on ourselves after a really tough test, paper, or week is well deserved (but always do it in moderation, we have bills to pay).

Hopefully after doing these three things your feeling ready to tackle the rest of this semester!

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