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Music moves us. There’s a reason that it’s found across cultures and generations alike– we find rhythms we love and we move to them, both physically and emotionally. Songs provide a snapshot of the culture and climate of society at the time they were produced. 90s and 2000s babies can feel the electricity of their parent’s college days by listening to Madonna and Bon Jovi; grandparents can show their families the country’s desperation for happiness during wartime by playing their favorite crooners from the 30s and 40s. Music has a way of capturing emotions and making them physical, creating the ultimate mind-body connection. Hearing a song that encapsulates exactly what we’re feeling at that moment in time is comforting– it soothes us in ways plain words never can because it provides us with a beat that our bodies can respond to. It’s is a lyrical scrapbook, in that it allows us to capture moments in time with its melodies. We all have those songs that, when we listen to them, we’re immediately taken back to where we were when we listened to it and it changed us.


My favorite thing about a song is that it could mean something different to every individual listener– a tune reminiscent of a breakup for one person can remind another of their favorite vacation. But regardless of the memories behind that song, you can scream it in the car with equal passion. And that, to me, is art in its purest form.


So, here it is. My master list of Songs to Get You Through It. Whatever “it” is– a breakup, finals, or just a bad day– here’s my list of songs that feed your soul and let you feel your emotions. Some are sad, some are happy, some are just fun to listen to, all have helped me figure out how I’m feeling and I wanted to share them with you.

Jon Bellion

“Human” from The Definition (2014)

“Maybe IDK” from The Human Condition (2016)


Twenty One Pilots

“Not Today” from Blurryface (2015)

“Chlorine” from Trench (2018)



“Burning Bridges” from Native (2014)

“Can’t Stop” from Native (2014)

“Stop and Stare” from Dreaming Out Loud (2007)


Mumford & Sons

“There Will Be Time” from Johannesburg (2016)

“Believe” from Wilder Mind (2015)


Rob Thomas

“Little Wonders” from cradlesong (2009)

“Mockingbird” from cradlesong (2009)

“Someday” from cradlesong (2009)



“Ready” from Coming Up for Air (2015)

“High Hopes” from In a Perfect World (2013)


Ed Sheeran

“What Do I Know?” from Divide (2017)

“Sunburn” from + (2011)

“Firefly” from Loose Change (2011)

“U.N.I.” from + (2011)



“Green Light” from Melodrama (2017)


Maroon 5

“How” from Hands All Over (2010)

“Must Get Out” from Songs About Jane (2002)

“Nothing Lasts Forever” from It Won’t Be Soon Before Long (2008)



“Bridges” from Evergreen (2014)

“Four Walls” from Evergreen (2014)

“Mother & Father” from Evergreen (2014)


Troye Sivan

“YOUTH” from Blue Neighbourhood (2015)


Ben Howard

“Keep Your Head Up” from Every Kingdom (2011)

“Only Love” from Every Kingdom (2011)


Vance Joy

“Like Gold” from Nation of Two (2018)

“From Afar” from Dream Your Life Away (2014)

“Fire and the Flood” from Dream Your Life Away (2014)

“Best That I Can” from Dream Your Life Away (2014)


Cold War Kids

“Can We Hang On ?”from LA DIVINE (2017)


Taylor Swift

“I Almost Do” from Red (2012)

“All Too Well” from Red (2012)



“When I Look to the Sky” from My Private Nation (2003)

“Cab” from For Me, It’s You (2006)



“Boston” from All the Stars and Boulevards (2006)



Madison Hernick

Syracuse '21

Madison is a Television, Radio, & Film student at the Newhouse School of Public Communications. Her mission upon graduation is to use her passion to create content that unites audiences regardless of backgrounds and cultures. Along with her passion for writing, she loves to discover new music and find new things to make life brighter.
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