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How to Embrace Yourself in 2017

It’s 2017 and it’s the year to leave the haters and fuck boys that done you wrong. It’s the year that you want to be yourself, to be a better you and to be bold. There are many ways that you can look online to see what you can do to improve for yourself. But don’t worry, we have great 5 tips to make you embrace yourself for the New Year:

  1. Dance For Your Body and Soul

Who doesn’t love to dance even if you can’t move a beat? Select a song that makes you feel sexy and couture. A song that makes you sing along and shake your hips. Make sure to drop to the floor when you pop your back.

  1. Be Unapologetic

Don’t apologize for the past sweetheart, it made you tougher. The people who’ve done you wrong doesn’t know who you truly are. It’s not you, it’s them for hurting you, but don’t change for them. Be as savage to those people who hurt you and show them that you own it.

  1. Enhance your physical features


Do you want longer eyelashes or to make yourself be healthy? Try to apply Vaseline or Coconut Oil to enhance your beauty. These two products are well-known for their remarkable results.

  1. Change-up your wardrobe with a different style


You look at your closet and you tell yourself that you need to change-up your style. Why not adding something different to your style, like adding vibrant colors or clothes that can bold your look? This is a great way to explore your wardrobe.

  1. Be Your Own Best Friend

The person you can depend on is yourself. Be your own advocate and leader because at the end of the day, that’s what matters. You embrace yourself as a women who is unapologetic and is beautiful.

That’s my girl! Let this year be your best!

Larry is the feature writer at Her Campus covering entertainment, lifestyle, and relationship news. He is a huge fan of Ariana Grande. Also, he is always providing helpful tips on how to be your best self. When he’s not writing at HC, he is either working out at the gym, exploring coffee shops, or touring the city for the best pizza spots. 
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