Working Out At Home

Over the past few weeks, I have had to figure out ways to work out at home. It has proven to be fun yet challenging at times. I am lucky enough to be on the swim team here at SU, so we got an at-home lift from our strength coach to do. It is fun because we use household objects to do our strength training, like milk cartons, textbooks, and backpacks. It's important to use these household objects because not everyone has a full gym in their house. One of the challenges for me has been finding a suitable place in my house to do these exercises. Our basement is in the process of getting redone, so I pretty much just work out in my room or outside if it is a nice day.

In addition to strength training, I have found that yoga and going for long walks have really helped me get more focused. Yoga is also easy to do in my room because it is pretty much all body movements. Going for walks helps clear my head and gives me some guaranteed outside time. I plan to start incorporating running in with my walks so I can feel more productive.

To me, working out is about making myself feel good. Working out makes me stronger and proud of myself because I know that the work I am putting in now will pay off in the pool in a few months. It is important to find something that you enjoy doing when you go to work out. So many people dread working out because of a bad experience or doing an exercise that is not enjoyable for them. It takes some experimentation but learning what is fun will make working out much more enjoyable.

Whether it's dancing in your room or running a 5k, working out in whatever way you want to will make you feel more empowered and stronger. It's also important to keep in mind that working out for yourself will produce the best results. Working out can be part of your daily routine if you find something that you enjoy doing. It shouldn’t feel like a chore! Working out and exercising can be so much fun and so rewarding. Additionally, it helps your day go much quicker. I have found that working out makes me feel better about myself, increases self-confidence, and increases my ability to focus.