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Why You Should Start Packing NOW

Why You Should Start Packing Up Your Dorm NOW

We have two weeks left before we pack up and say goodbye to Susquehanna for the summer. We also have only one week until finals attack us and leave us to be walking zombies. Today in a fit of boredom and procrastination I decided to start packing up my stuff and condense my items for my move back home. In the rest of my article, I’ll be going over why you should be packing now which includes the stress of finals, purging items, and making move out day a breeze. 

When I break down my last couple of weeks I essentially will spend week one studying for finals and then week two I will be stressing over finals and taking them. (Doesn’t help that I have two eight AM finals either, RIP.) This week and next week would be the best time to pack up. I won’t want to pack a whole dorm room up the day I’m leaving after a final or the week of. Finals involve late nights, stress, and they just wear you out. I’ve moved out of a dorm room by myself right after a final with only 3 hours to do it and let me tell you- it’s awful. When you’re studying for finals a little tip is to be in your room and either look up a video on the subject you’re learning, or have a friend come over and study with you. While the video is playing you can be packing and being resourceful. With a friend over you can be packing as they quiz you and then you can take a break by quizzing them. It’s going to test your brain but also allow you to get things done easier. 

With packing up earlier, it’s also a good idea to start getting rid of unnecessary things in your dorm and life. Do you have clothes that you haven’t worn all year? Donate them before you leave so it won’t clutter your room at home. Have too many random beauty supplies? Ditch them while you have the huge garbage cans. I went through all of my makeup drawers and my bins and got rid of old makeup that expired or that I don’t use. I also got rid of products that were all used up or I didn’t like. Now’s the time to go back home with as little as possible. You can also ask your neighbors if they want anything you’re getting rid of like perfume you didn’t like, the food you won’t finish before you leave, or anything else you can think of. College kids like free and I’m sure someone will want your ‘trash’. 

Finally, finals week is going to be stressful and maybe your senior friends are graduating. You’ll want to be spending time with them instead of packing up during your final moments together. Packing up as much as possible now will give you a head start on everything. You can also plan out your outfits in advance and check just a few more things off of your list. When you decide to leave either after your final or the next morning it will make leaving so much easier. There will be people struggling to pack and then there will be you- stress-free and ready to enjoy your summer. 

What I’m hoping you get out of reading this is that packing up right now will save you so much time and give you so many benefits. I bet you’ll even make your momma proud. 

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