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What to Do When You Lose Yourself

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I will sometimes take a step back and realize I'm not myself. I know we can ‘change’ and grow, but that’s not what I mean. I don’t enjoy things that used to bring me happiness and I just become bland. I believe it’s because I get wrapped up in school and socializing that I end up focusing more on balancing myself as opposed to living my life. This can happen after a week, a month, or even a year. If you’re ever in that situation here’s some tips.

Call Your Mom or Your Home Town Best Friend

In college we’re always meeting people, introducing ourselves, and trying to put the best version of ourselves out there. We start morphing to that image and forget all of our little things that make us different and all of our back-home personality. It’s good to talk to people that allow you to take off your ‘college persona’ and take a breather. You could even have someone visit. My best friend from high school was in town and it felt so freeing to see her and talk to her.

Make a Small Change

Make an appointment for that hair cut, get those nails done, change your style. I know I’ve gone through a couple style changes and certain outfits make me feel a certain way. I also used to always have my nails teal when I was in high school. When I lose myself, I usually revert back to the teal. Sometimes cutting my hair is just a freeing experience all on its own. Maybe you liked a certain hairstyle better than the one you have now. Change it.

Indulge in the Things You Used to

This one isn’t ‘easy’, but it’s the small things. That album you loved and listened to everyday? Put it on. Did you read daily and have books done in days? Make time for them again. That movie you love but always find something else you should do? Play that puppy. Did you used to write poetry to get your feelings out, but thought people would find it dumb? Start again. Little habits, activities, and objects are what make up part of us. Because of this, they can make us feel like ourselves again.

Visit Your Favorite Places

 Visiting places you love can bring back good memories, happy feelings, and new beginnings. Places can take you back to a time when you felt like you. I know as college students we ball on a budget, but even small places can take us back. Go to a park and go on the swing set, visit the movies, go bowling. It’s all in what brings back the best you.

Change is good, we know this, but sometimes you can feel lost. Little things can make you feel like yourself again. Others go through this, so no one’s alone. Embrace the change, but don’t lose who you are while in college. I’ve let it happen too many times. If you start doing some of these things and still feel lost, we have a counseling center that’s open with walk-in hours. If you need those walk-in hours they are weekdays at 10-11 and 2-3. 

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