Q & A with Naz Perez, Founder of Heart Broken Anonymous

I first learned of Naz when I started listening to the I Don’t Get It Podcast at the beginning of 2017. I have discovered her to be an incredibly passionate, thoughtful, and intelligent woman that I have looked up to ever since. One of her crowning achievements is that she founded Heart Broken Anonymous, a safe space for people to share their stories of heartbreak. I recently had the privilege of interviewing her, so she could tell more about her own story.

Tell us about yourself! Who is Naz Perez and how did she get to where she is today?

I am a TV Producer, an entertainment and sports TV Host, and the founder of Heart Broken Anonymous. I moved to LA to pursue hosting on-camera but started out behind the scenes on The Ellen Degneres Show, E! Entertainment, and then became a producer on ABC's The Bachelor. After 2+ years on the [The Bachelor] I decided to leave and finally try and give on-camera hosting a go. I'm currently a host for the Dodgers, Clevver News (YouTube), The Fumble (YouTube), and The I Don't Get It Podcast on iTunes with my friends Ashley & Lauren Iaconetti. 

What is Heart Broken Anonymous? What are its goals?

Heart Broken Anonymous is a free support group for people that are heart broken. We meet the second Thursday of every month in LA in the Fairfax district. The meetings are open to anyone, and it's a safe space to come a share your heart break among strangers. The goal of HBA is to create a non-judgmental space for people to share their stories of heartbreak and know they're not alone. 

Why did you decide to start Heart Broken Anonymous?

Right around the time I left The Bachelor, my neighbor, who was somewhat of a stranger to me since I had spent the last 2 years traveling on the show and was never home, knocked on my door in tears. She had broken up with a guy she had been with for over 12 years. I listened to her story and after she was done, she told me she felt SO much better talking to me because I was a stranger. She felt like her family & friends were telling her to move on and get over him (which is ok to do), BUT it's the WORST thing to hear when you're heart broken and not there yet. It was then when I started to think about the concept of putting strangers together to talk about heartbreak. BUT it wasn't until 3 months later when I got my heart really broken for the first time, that I start Heart Broken Anonymous. Funny how the universe works. 

How can people share their story? Do they have to be in the LA Area?

To come to the meetings, you have to be in Los Angeles, however it is my dream to bring pop-up HBA's to other cities in the future. I organized one pop-up in New York in November of 2017 and it was incredible. However, if you don't live in LA, I've set up a forum on our website where you can share and read other stories of heartbreak to know you're not alone: www.HeartBrokenAnonymous.com

Tell us about a rewarding moment you’ve had with Heart Broken Anonymous.

Some people come back and others have told me it's saved them. It's insane. I never in a million years thought I could be helping people in this way. It's funny. My love life (or lack thereof) has really become a part of who I am and my brand. It's wild. 

What is the future like for Heart Broken Anonymous?

My hope is to be able to travel and do HBA meetings in other states. 

What's your message to girls going through heartbreak?

This goes for guys and girls since heartbreak can happen to anyone: You are not alone, and you will become stronger because of this. You will also grow and learn a lot about yourself though heartbreak.

When is the next meeting and how can people learn more?

My next meeting is Thursday, April 12th at Open Space LA 457 N Fairfax Ave LA, CA 90036 at 8PM. 

Anything else that you would like to add?

Thank you Rachel for sharing my story and helping me spread the word about HBA! 


Thank YOU, Naz!


You can learn more about Heart Broken Anonymous by liking the page on Facebook (Heart Broken Anonymous) + following on Instagram (@heartbroken_anonymous)

Visit the website to share your own story and read other’s stories: www.HeartBrokenAnonymous.com

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