Overthinking in the Form of a Splinter

Sometimes, it can be easy for us to put ourselves in situations where we overthink. Perhaps it is anxiety taking over your mind; other times it can be general trust issues. No matter what, it is just not a good place to put oneself in.

We have so much power in how we react to certain situations. If we have done all that we can, sometimes, letting go of the issue is much better for us. I think it is so easy to hyperfocus on something that we lose track of something great.

For instance, I recently went to the river with a friend, and at least one of us had high expectations for the trip. On the way down to the river, we walked down these wooden steps. As someone who was a little worried about tripping over, I held onto the rails for dear life. Unbeknownst to us, the rails had splinters. Before I knew it, a splinter had injured my hand a little, and my friend and I were instantly panicking. The excitement for the little trip was ruined.

However, at the same time, it was a very small injury that just needed a small rinse and a bandaid. It is not the best example, but I do think that the shock of the tiny splinter made a difference.

There are times when I let my overthinking get the best of me. It is so easy to make these assumptions, which are often the more negative thoughts. It brings you down so easily when you just want to live your life.

I am not trying to invalidate anyone’s feelings. Sometimes, we all go through rough moments. However, we might want to try an approach that may not be as harmful to us in the long run. It is hard to go through your day when your mind is stuck on something you cannot control. With the splinter, I have to remind myself that I will be alright. It is not too different from a regular paper cut in some ways, so all I needed to do was disinfect it and put on a cute bandaid.

It helps to step away from some of those thoughts. When something came up recently, my friend told me to put the phone down and focus on something else. Redirect your energy to something that is better for you. Additionally, it helps to be a little more open-minded with what you are thinking. We immediately rush towards the worst thoughts, but you will never know until the truth is revealed.

We cannot control everything in this world, but we do have influence over the way we react. If we can, it helps to take a deep breath and just trust that it will be okay. And even if we are not satisfied with the outcome, maybe it is because it is meant to be a learning lesson. I know the splinter incident was painful, but I know in the end that it is something that will heal. It is also a good reminder to be careful next time. However, we will get through these difficult thoughts somehow.