New Models Should Not Mean Getting a New Phone Immediately

Every year Apple comes out with new iPhones and many people feel compelled to get the newest of the new because they want it. There are other people that keep their phone for as long as they can because they like what they have or they don’t have the money to get a new phone. 

You might be asking: How do I make my phone last so that I can save money and live a happier life or learn to be grateful for what I have? First, don’t go get a new phone because you want to. Most people get new phones because they don’t want to feel left out and jealous of other people that have newer phones than them. 

Another tip that is helpful is to turn off your phone on a regular basis to keep the battery health up. This is something that most college students forget to do because they use their phones for an alarm. The best way to do this is to turn the phone off during class every once in a while so that you still feel like you are present in your class. 

Put tempered glass on your phone so that if you drop it, the phone is not the thing that cracks. It will literally save your life. If you do shatter your phone, get some packing tape and put that on immediately after shattering. It will keep air from getting in the screen and make your phone last a little bit longer. 

The tip that you dread the most is to not use your phone as much, because you miss out on so many other amazing opportunities. The generation after us is so used to having electronics in their hands that they don’t really know how to talk to other people. 

My parents didn’t give me a phone until the summer before I went to middle school. When they did give my first one it was a hand-me-down from my sister. When I look back on it today I don’t think about the fact that my sister had the phone before me, I look at the fact that my parents thought I was responsible enough to have a phone and be able to contact them in an emergency. The moral is that you should be grateful for what you have and not feel a need to get something new just because you can.