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Jonas Brothers Release Second Single “Cool”

You might remember how excited I was a few weeks ago when the Jonas Brothers returned with their first single after six years. Their latest release has sparked the same amount of excitement. After alluding to a new music drop for the past week on social media, Friday brought a new release from everyone’s favorite band of brothers. Kevin, Joe, and Nick released “Cool” at midnight along with a brand new music video that has just about everything a Jonas Brothers fan could want.

The colorful music video boils down to an epic 80’s themed beach party starring our favorite boys. Some of the most eye-catching moments (for me at least) were the cotton-candy-colored puppies, Nick Jonas wearing a suit jacket with no shirt underneath, Joe’s old-school mustache, the mime, and Kevin playing an old metal detector like a guitar.

The song itself is catchy as heck and has full potential to be “the song of the summer” as some people are already labeling it. The lyrics are fun and feature a variety of pop culture references including a return shout-out to Post Malone after his “And I’m rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, rollin’/ With my brothers like it’s Jonas, Jonas” lyric in “Better Now” from 2018. “Cool” features a line “Oh, I feel like Post Malone when I get home.” Joe also gives a shout out to his fiancé Sophie Turner with his Game of Thrones reference, “Sittin’ there winning like it’s Game of Thrones”.

My personal favorite line is “When I grow up, I wanna be just like me” because honestly, I want to be just like Nick Jonas too. This song caters to everything I could ever want as a Jonas Brothers fan and gets me even more excited for everything the boys have to come from an album to a documentary to a potential tour. You can bet I’ll be there for every second and I’m absolutely living for it.

The journey to where I want to be includes writing a lot of words and eating a lot of fries. 
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