How to Unwind After Finals

I don’t know about you guys, but finals are kicking my butt, and they’re not about to get any better. What’s keeping me sane as I fall into finals week is the thought of what I’m going to do once they’re over, and I hope these suggestions can help you too.

  1. 1. Throw out Everything

    One of the best parts about finals is that once they’re over, you don’t need anything relating to that class (except for math classes probably). This means that you can get away with throwing away/recycling whole binders full of mind-numbing information. It’s a weight off your shoulders, and it’s one of my favorite activities to abandon the stress that’s been plaguing me all semester.

  2. 2. Buy Yourself Something Nice

    I mean this in the most basic sense of the word. You made it through at least 14 weeks of stress and assignments, you deserve to treat yourself. Personally, I’m going to get a very personalized Starbucks drink that tastes like Captain Crunch because I’m worth it, and you are too! Even if it’s something small, do something nice for yourself.

  3. 3. Hang out with Friends

    During the school year it’s nearly impossible to hang out with friends, either at home or on campus. That’s why you should take the few days you have before you go back to work for the summer (I have about 3 full days of freedom I plan to enjoy) to hang out with people who aren’t going to give you a quiz or expect any kind of written chore.

  4. 4. Sleep

    This might actually be the most important activity in the world, especially after finals. You’ve sacrificed precious hours of dreamtime to study and write papers, now it’s time to get those hours back. If I sleep for anything less than 12 hours, it will not be enough.

Hopefully this has given you guys some ideas for what to do to unwind once the stress of finals is over. Take some you time, block out any worry you have for the future, and have some fun.