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How to Manage Your Life at SU: Classes

Hey River Hawks! I hope you got a chance to read last week’s article on how to manage friendships at SU. This week I am back with my top three tips on how to manage coursework that gives you flexibility to continue to be success here at SU.

Tip 1: Know Your Limit.

If you know that you are involved in multiple clubs and organizations, then overloading on credits may not be for you this semester. One way to remedy this is to step down from a club or organization. Another remedy is to take four classes instead of five or more. It is important to know how much stress you are willing to handle because stress prevents you from performing at your best capacity. Of course, stress isn’t always avoidable, but if you are able to create a balance, then you will be able to enjoy your college career.

Tip 2: Study, Study, Study

It is extremely important to realize that college is expensive and the goal is to graduate with a degree! Why? To get a job! In order to graduate on time, it is important to study as best as you can. Sometimes this will mean being creative and abandoning old high school methods, that were just enough to make the grades. Integrate a study plan into your schedule so you aren’t shuffling to find time to cram for exams and midterms. Anything goes (highlighting, videos, Power-Point lectures, etc), just as long as you budget your time wisely.

Tip 3: Figure out Classes for the Upcoming Semester in Advance

The great thing about SU is that we operate on a two-semester basis and that we have access to a beautiful tool called a degree audit. The degree audit is what will help you graduate on time so please begin to use it! It is your secret weapon and ultimate checklist for scheduling classes at SU. The degree audit can be accessed by going to mysu, clicking on “academic profile”, then selecting “degree audit” in the drop-down menu. Because SU is a private, liberal arts institution, the university has additional required classes that are to be taken along with the classes within your major. Looking at the degree audit and determining which classes you want to take a semester in advance will not only help you stay organized, but it will keep you on track to graduation.

Alright ladies, that is all I have for this week, but look out for my next installment of How to Manage Your Life at SU: To Be Determined!


I am a first-year neuroscience major at Susquehanna. I am also the Events Director at Susquehanna. Some of my passions include dance, helping children, and reading.
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