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Spring is finally here! We have had some really nice, warm days lately! I love seeing everyone outside on the lawns at the campus, laughing and having a great time! This warm weather has truly made the days longer and sweeter than they used to be. I feel like I’ve had more good days than bad solely because of the beautiful weather! I recently had a birthday, and the weather was cold but still nice. Spring is my favorite season because it brings sunshine and new life. I can’t stand winter. I don’t like the cold and the snow. The snow always puts a damper on my plans, and the cold is extremely uncomfortable. I’m glad that it’s finally over!

We had a mental health day last week on campus where all classes were canceled, and my roommates and I had the best day! We went out to Panera for lunch, did a little shopping, and then went on a wonderful river walk. Spring on campus is like no other. It is so beautiful, happy, and homey! The campus plants beautiful flowers near the library and through the walkways! Students begin to come outside more and hold acceptable outside events (due to Covid). The school is now allowing us to have small gatherings with friends outside! It makes my heart so happy that things are starting to get back to normal. The school has done a great job with the Covid protocols to allow this to happen. Thank you to everyone who has complied with the rules!

I’m so glad to be back on campus for the spring since we were quarantined last year. I hope everyone can get outside, at least for a few hours during these beautiful days! Hopefully, they continue, and snow doesn’t make a grand entrance anytime soon! Happy Spring Everyone!

Hi! I'm Kaitlyn! I am a psychology major at Susquehanna University.
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