Becoming a Leader

As a shy person, I never thought I could be a leader. I always thought that to be a leader you have to be outspoken and outgoing, neither of which I am. The truth is, though, that a leader can be anyone. If you believe in what you’re doing, find passion and inspiration in the role, and are able to connect and work with others in a valuable way, you can be a leader. 

Some people don’t realize their leadership potential because they’re too scared to take a leap. I know that for me, I didn’t take the leap until I joined Her Campus and was offered a role that I knew I would regret passing up. Our chapter was very new and therefore, it was small. I felt comfortable and supported in our club and finally felt inspired to take the leap. Taking this role ignited a fire in me to take the lead because I am passionate about the power of social media and marketing, and because I had a duty to fulfill that I wanted to fulfill to the greatest of my ability. In many on-campus clubs, you can have a leadership role that is more behind the scenes and has less pressure. If you’re scared to take the leap, maybe try out one of these smaller roles when you join an organization and then ease your way up.

It definitely takes time to develop your leadership skills, but if you don’t ever take the leap you’ll never discover your potential. Thanks to taking just one leap, I felt more confident in my abilities to lead and have gained more leadership roles over the past year. Finding a supportive environment and a cause you’re passionate about is a great way to take the leap to discover your leadership abilities. Remember, too, that every leader has different strengths and approaches to leadership, so don’t compare yourself to someone else. Leadership has no limits. Leaders are not just extroverts. Shy people can be leaders. You can be a leader. You ARE a leader.