7 Celebs Whose Marriages Broke My Fangirl Heart

It’s the holidays or cuffing season as some people call it. Everyone is getting together, including my favorite celebrities. In fact, a lot of my favorite celebrities have been getting married. Just in the past year, I swear my heart has been broken at least four times by celebrity engagement and wedding announcements. The celebs on this list aren’t just any celebs. They’re my favorite celebs. The ones I grew up with and loved. Some of whom I’ve mentally married multiple times over. This is a list of my biggest heartbreaks to date. I’m sure some of you can relate.

1. Nick Jonas

I could honestly call him my first love. From the release of Camp Rock in 2008, I was OBSESSED with Nick and his brothers. Mostly Nick, but the music was pretty good too. My fourth and fifth-grade years were primarily characterized by the excessive number of Jonas Brothers posters scattered around my room, pulled from J-14 and Tiger Beat magazines. My mom must have spent hundreds to support my tween celeb gossip obsession. Nick’s curls just did something for 10-year-old me and his body sure does plenty for 21-year-old me. Priyanka Chopra is a lucky woman.

2. Justin Bieber

The only thing more important to my preteen self that the Jonas Brothers was Justin Bieber. The hair swoop, the voice, that smile. My middle school years were fully characterized by me being entranced by Justin. To this day, I stand by my statement that Under the Mistletoe is the greatest Christmas album of all time. You can feel free to argue, but you’ll always be wrong. I can’t believe Hailey Baldwin stole my man. Heartbreaking.

3. Kane Brown

This one is definitely more for the country girls, but if you don’t know who Kane Brown is, I need you to understand something: He may be one of the most beautiful country singers to ever grace our presence. If that isn’t enough for you, just listen to his voice. It gets me every single time. I guess I can’t be too mad. He and Katelyn Jae make the most adorable couple.

4. Joe Jonas

Okay, so he’s not married yet. There’s still hope. Very little, but there’s hope. Joe was only my second favorite Jonas Brother but he’s still a Jonas Brother. Any girl would be lucky to have one since they’re all so good looking and talented. The announcement of Joe’s engagement last October really shook Joe girls to their core. Ask fellow HC Susqu writer Angelica who wrote this article about Joe marrying her instead.

5. Ed Sheeran

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. His music is good, but did I really want to marry him? Gingers have to stick together and you’re for certain lying to yourself if you never listened to an Ed Sheeran love song and wished it was about you. I just have a soft spot for Ed and his secret wedding to Cherry Seaborn back in August really got to me okay?

6. Sam Hunt

Another country boy and another beauty. I feel like this one speaks for itself. Just look at him.

7. Kevin Jonas

You may be noticing a theme here and I know this is old news, but you can’t say you weren’t at least a little upset when Kevin got married to his wife Danielle in 2009. I’ve mostly gotten over it, but just look at his kids. If they’re that cute with Danielle, imagine how heart-meltingly adorable they would be with me.