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5 Things to Do When You’re Feeling Down on Campus

Write a Letter 

I find letter writing has become a lost art, but writing helps release emotion. The letter doesn’t have to be to anyone, maybe address it to whatever is troubling you. Try addressing it to yourself, even, and maybe you’ll either reconcile with yourself or find the root to the problem if you don’t already know it. If letters feel like an older medium for you, I suggest journaling. 


Coloring has been known to help people destress and relax. Adult coloring books have come out and are uber detailed. Some people like the intricate details, for it helps them channel negative energy into the smaller areas. I personally prefer the children’s coloring books for two reasons: They are much cheaper and they are so much more fun! Try out coloring! 

Sit Down with a New Book 

A good old book can help destress and be relaxing but it can also help you to escape into a newer world, a land you’ve never seen before. Maybe go to your local library and ask the librarians for their personal suggestions and try them out for size (I’ve done it. It can be quite interesting). Go an adventure without leaving your favorite comfy spot. Feel free to add a steaming cup of tea or coffee to your relaxing moment. 

Rewatch a Series or Start a New One 

It’s sometimes nice to submerse yourself into something familiar. But maybe it could also be time to dive into something new. Either take that Netflix suggestion from a friend or just restart watching Friends and remind yourself why you fell in love with it. Curl up in a cozy blanket with your favorite snacks, take a deep breath and just escape for an episode or to…maybe a whole season if you’re feeling it. 

Phone a Friend or Someone Who You Trust 

Venting always helps lift the weight off your chest. I know saying “It helps to talk about it” is cliché but it does actually help especially if you have a strong bond with that person. Maybe just letting it out is all you need to make you feel a little lighter. Plus there’s almost always an awesome hug at the end with your name on it. 


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