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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Susqu chapter.

I’ve been hooked on podcasts since the beginning of last year. They’re perfect company during long car rides, walking to class, and my favorite — when getting ready in the morning! Even better, all the podcasts I listen to are hosted by people from The Bachelor franchise. Last year I wrote an article about this same subject (read here), and now I’m here to add to that list! 

1. SheLift

You may recognize Sarah Herron as the woman with an amputated arm from The Bachelor series, but she is much more than her disability. She is an empowering woman who empowers other women through multiple platforms, such as her non-profit and this podcast. If you’re in need of some uplifting or motivation, this one’s for you! Each week Sarah sits down with women who are doing incredible things with their platform/voices. Get ready to be inspired! 

2. Let’s Talk About It

Bachelor Alum Taylor Nolan talks all things mental health, relationships, and personal development in this podcast! With a background in psychology and counseling, Taylor has credible information to provide to her listeners with hopes of breaking stigmas and inspiring others to be their best self. If you’re looking for some self-help tips, she’s got what you’re looking for.

3. ​Lady Bosses and Ben

This is a very new podcast started by Jesse Draper with co-host Ben Higgins! I have not listened yet, but I love the goals of this podcast. They sit down with a different female entrepreneur each week and gain insight into how they achieved their goals, overcame challenges, and offer advice for aspiring businesswomen. How awesome does that sound?!

4. ​Help! I Suck at Dating

I mean, don’t we all, though? Dean Unglert started this podcast last year and now Jared Haibon and Vanessa Grimaldi have recently joined him as co-hosts discussing all things relationships. We hear from a variety of experts on subjects such as break-ups, ghosting, marriage, do’s and don’ts of dating, and gain insight into each of the host’s personal love lives all in this podcast. I definitely suck a little less after listening each week, and maybe you will too.  

5. ​Babes and Babies

Calling all moms! New moms Jade Roper (Tolbert), Carly Waddell (Bass), and their doula BFF Liz Sandoz talk all things pregnancy, mom life, and more on this adorable podcast! I have only listened to a few episodes, admittedly, because I am not a mom nor am I thinking about having children any time soon but I have heard great reviews! If you are interested in anything related to mom life, babies, pregnancy, etc., this is a great option to learn more about the topics (even if you aren’t a part of their target group).


In all, podcasts are a generally underutilized medium. If you’re looking to gain new perspectives, learn more about certain subjects, or just want to try something new, I highly recommend you give these a listen (along with those in my previous article linked here!). They won’t disappoint!

Jersey girl who loves The Bachelor, burritos, boybands, and basically anything basic. Member of the Class of 2020 at Susquehanna University studying Stretigic Communications: Advertising and Marketing and Art History.
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