10 Ways to Work Through Anxiety

Anxiety is the rough reality of life, everyone has it. Of course, some people have a more severe case of anxiety. It is a weighing, almost suffocating, feeling of stress. Here are some ways I have found that can HELP with anxiety.

  1. 1. Aromatherapy

    Smell is a fantastic way to help change your mood. I use aromatherapy for multiple reasons. It helps me sleep at night with lavender and eucalyptus. It energizes me with cinnamon and vanilla. But one of my favorites is lemongrass-- the smell is used to help calm and focus.

  2. 2. Exercise

    Exercise is a great way to train both the body and mind. It forces discipline, strength and endurance. It helps you feel confident in your own skin and it also releases endorphins in the brain that make you feel good (same as adrenaline).

  3. 3. Journal

    Write down how you feel. Write down why (if you know) you feel that way and what lead up to it. Write down how to TRY and prevent that from happening again. Write down if your methods of coping are working. It is good to write things down because you are expressing yourself. In many cases of anxiety and stress, one does not feel heard or acknowledged, but the paper always listens.

  4. 4. Meditation

    Meditation is an age-old method of becoming in tune with yourself and the world surrounding you. Meditation brings peace, tranquility, and understanding. You along with everyone else in the world make mistakes, life is made of mistakes. Live and move on.

  5. 5. Music

    Whether you play music or just listen, music always has your back. Listen to songs that open you up and make you feel or listen to music that pushes you to be happy. There is literally no wrong choice, live your best life.

  6. 6. Read

    Reading is an escape to a world you want to know or a world you believe in. It's an escape from your troubles and dilemmas.

  7. 7. Organize

    Organize your life. Get it together and bask in the future. Plus, there will be a satisfying-looking area once finished (I love To Do lists).

  8. 8. Be creative

    Put that right cortex of your brain to use. Find pleasure in the creative by any mean you see fit.

  9. 9. Make peace

    Today is rough and that is okay. Take it one step at time. Understand that you are having an off day. Take a nap, drink some tea, and relax. Every day can’t be a good one and this makes the next good one all the better.

  10. 10. Breathe

    In for four, hold for eight, out for four. You can breathe as you feel you are still alive. Ground yourself, embrace yourself with breath because you are one with the earth. 

These are not definite answers but they have helped me and many others cope with anxiety. Just remember its a process and there are no sure-fire ways. Take everything just one step at a time.