Ways to Treat Yourself This Spring Break

The countdown for Spring Break is on and even though there’s still some time to go, it’s so close we can almost see it! Spring Break is a time for pure relaxation; no assignments, no extracurriculars, and most importantly, no stress! The week long hiatus from all things college is the perfect time to treat yourself with a little TLC. Here are some tips for self-care this Spring Break!


Have A Spa Day For Yourself

Who needs to go to a real spa when you can have your own DIY Spa Day at home? Light your favorite candle, put on your chill playlist, run a bubble bath with your current favorite bath bomb, and pop on a face mask. Whatever your pamper routine consists of, use the free time over Spring Break and give yourself the TLC you deserve!


Read A Self Help Book

One of my favorite methods of self-care is reading a good self-help book. Whatever area you find yourself struggling with, use the time over break to find a book that will help you conquer your weakness! For me personally, I have a habit of letting people walk all over me and sometimes I care too much about what others think of me. Below are two of my favorites that have helped me immensely.

Eat your favorite treat

One of my favorite methods of TLC is eating my favorite treat, so whatever your favorite treat may be, go out and get it this Spring Break! It’s not often that we get to treat ourselves living off of dining hall food, so take advantage of this time and have your favorite treat!


Take a nap

Out of all the things on the list, the one I recommend the most is taking a nap! Sleep is one of the #1 things we lack as college students, and sometimes we forget how important sleep is for our bodies. And when I say take a nap, I don’t mean the quick 30 minute power naps we try to squeeze in before class. Take advantage of the free time over break and have a long, well-deserved nap.