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The Stages of Registering for Classes

The time has come: registration, where you have to figure out what your life will be like for four months next semester. 8ams? Friday classes? Running from NESAD to Donahue in 15 minutes? You get to decide, but it won’t be easy. Check your holds and make sure to pay the rest of your tuition because when your day comes to register, I promise you’ll be stressed if there’s anything standing in your way. If you’re feeling unprepared for battle, or if this is your first semester registering, check out these stages that you’ll soon find are very relatable.


1.) Figuring out what classes you need to take.

2.) Seeing how many requirements you still have to fill on your Program Evaluation.

3.) Realizing you apparently are registered for a minor and had no idea.

4.) Printing your transcript and feeling so horrible about how little A’s you see.

5.) Meeting with your advisor.

6.) Being told you can’t take the super easy Math class because you were placed in math level 3.

7.) Searching and selecting to your wishlist.

8.) Realizing you don’t have any of the prerequisites for the English class you were so looking forward to.

9.) Opening your laptop ten minutes before your time to register beings just to find out your internet isn’t working.

10.) Finally getting on to MySuffolk 15 minutes later and finding that all your friends registered for the 2 o’clock class with six spots before you could.

11.) Sitting on hold with the Registrar’s Office for 25 minutes because you’re registering for a class and its prerequisite in the same semester and MySuffolk won’t let you do that.

12.) Trying to get ahold of your advisor who is apparently out to lunch on registration day.

13.) Finally being cleared from the Registrar only to try again and be told that you still have a balance on your fall tuition bill.

14.) Registering for none of the classes you originally wanted.

15.) Realizing your semester is going to be hell with 8ams every day, but at least registration day is over.

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