Midterm Week Survival Guide

There’s a reason they call it “Spooky Season” - and it’s not because of the upcoming holiday known for delivering tricks and treats. It’s actually because the dreaded midterm week is upon us. For those of us who are college veterans, we know its an unwelcome taste of what finals week will bring in a short few weeks. For those who are not aware of the pain midterms are about to bring, perhaps it’s best to prepare yourself with this article.


Plan out your week in advance.

Take some time on Sunday to fill in a calendar or a to-do list of sorts with the week’s exams, presentations, etc. Set aside specific hours of the day in which you plan to study. If you have a set schedule for your day, it’s easier to stick to than if you made your day up on the fly. It also helps you manage your time - try to start studying for big exams a few days in advance and breaking up the work so you aren’t cramming the night before.

Remember to include time for other activities

Studying all day every day will not only be miserable, but it likely won’t be as productive. Set aside at least a couple hours a day to do something that will take you away from your work, whether it be going to the gym, seeing friends, or watching a little netflix. Giving your brain a break will allow you to come back to your work refreshed and with a new set of eyes.


Take advantage of office hours and study group sessions

Office hours seem to have a stigma that they’re reserved for the teacher’s pets of the world, but that couldn’t be more wrong. Not only will taking advantage of office hours often lead to answered questions, clarity on confusing subjects, and general help, but it’s a great way to gain a connection with your professor. Often times a professor will give you a few hints as to what may be on the exam, or even be more lenient with your grading once they see you’re serious about putting effort into getting a good grade. Study groups are a great way to learn the material, seeing as you get insight from a few different minds. Not to mention studying with friends and peers makes the experience seem less lonely.


Accept that it’s going to be a long week

It’s a good thing that midterms only come around once a semester. As upperclassmen know and newbies are soon to find out, it’ll inevitably be a long and stressful week, but acknowledging that is half the battle. Take some time for yourself in the days leading up to the week, and schedule an event like a dinner or a party at the end of the week to celebrate your hard work. Don’t be afraid to spend a couple hours per night at the library grinding out work. Your future self will thank you!