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Lush Just Released 45 New Bath Bombs and We Can’t Wait Try Them All!

As the end of the semester approaches, everyone is looking for different ways to de-stress and baths are probably the most common thing people use to de-stress. So why not add one out of 45 (that’s right, 45) new bath bombs that Lush has just released to take some of the stress off of your shoulders? The bath bombs range from $5.45 to $14.95, so whether you’re looking to treat yourself or looking for a cheap way to destress, there’s a very high chance you’ll find one perfect bath bomb out of 45! While we’d love to take 45 baths and test out every single bath bomb, that’s just unrealistic but these are the bath bombs that stand out the most in Lush’s new release of bath bombs!

1. Bom Perignon

(image from: lush.com)

On the cheaper end of the bath bomb scale, this $5.45 bath bomb is infused with grapefruit oil, creating a fresh, citrusy smell while leaving your skin feeling refreshed!

2. Sea Salt Giant Bombshell

(image from: lush.com)

At $14.95, this wonderball-esque bath bomb not only has chamomile blue oil to give off a tropical scent, there’s also a surprise of sea salt once the bath bomb dissolves. This is perfect for anyone who can’t wait for summer to go to the beach and to have radiant, soft skin without taking a dip in the ocean!

3. Black Rose

(image from lush.com)

If you have a black heart and don’t want to seem too “mainstream” by using a bright, colorful bath bomb, the new Black Rose bath bomb is perfect for any emo. Made with rose oil, this bath bomb will engulf you in a bouqet of roses, soothing your irritated skin while painting your bath water a pinkish-black that will make any emo’s heart flutter.

4. More Tea and Sympathy

(image from: lush.com)

For all you tea lovers out there, this $8.95 bath bomb will be your cup of tea! Giving your skin a shiny glow, thanks to the bergamont oil, and leaving a scent of green tea long after you’ve finshed brewing a cup of tea and get out of the bath!

5. Golden Egg

(image from: lush.com)

They say that all that glitters is not gold, but that is far from the case with the Golden Egg bath bomb. This bath bomb will leave you covered in glitter, shimmer and gold and smelling like toffee, which is the perfect combo for any stressed out gold-loving college student!

Although we didn’t cover all the bath bombs released by Lush, the 45 new bath bombs are now available online at lush.com and will be available in stores April 15th! So whether you order them all now in preparation for that post-final bath, or wait until all the hecticness of finals to buy out every Lush within a 50 mile radius of your house!

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