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Layering 101: Tips on How to Stay Warm this Winter Without Sacrificing Your Outfit Game

Every Bostonian knows that winters around here are rough, and usually you end up walking around looking like a giant marshmallow due to all of your layers of clothing. For those who use fashion as a form of self expression, having to dress for the cold can be a bit complicated. Here are a few ways to stay warm, without sacrificing your outfit game.


1. Invest in a unique coat


Sometimes, just investing in a patterned or stylish coat can make all the difference when it comes to layering for the cold. If your jacket is a statement piece, whatever is underneath seems invisible. You can get away with wearing three thermal shirts, and two pairs of leggings and still look stylish!


2. Turtlenecks!!

Seems like a simple detail, but even just throwing a black turtleneck under your basic graphic tee can keep you warm, and very on trend.


3. Monochromatic outfits


This is probably my fave way to layer, while still looking chic and put together. The appearance of an all grey, or black outfit instantly looks amazing, and draws attention away from the bulkiness that evidently happens with layered looks.


4. Multiple jackets

During the Boston winters, more often than not a “two coat” look may be necessary in frigid temperatures. So, I always make sure to layer cute, more stylish outerwear under my heavy winter coat (like a denim or leather jacket). Not only does this break up the dimensions of an outfit, but also serves as two outfits in one!


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