Instagram Girl Bosses

Over the last few years social media has grown from much more than just posting and chatting with friends and family, it’s now an extremely effective business tool. While most of us post on Instagram for our friends and family to see, we can’t help but give props to some of the #GirlBosses who’ve built their businesses on the social media site.


Here’s four Instagram models that deserve some applause:


1. A Bikini A Day:


Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman first started their Instagram “A Bikini a Day” to post pictures everyday of their favorite bikinis. Now they have grown their passion into a full business, partnering up with tons of swimwear lines to promote their latest pieces on their Instagram and blog. Currently their account has 642K followers. The two still feature themselves a ton on their Instagram, which is super cool. It’s amazing to see how a simple instagram turned into a full time job and opened so many doors for these two!


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2. Desi Perkins:


Youtube makeup guru Desi Perkins grew her Instagram after a successful Youtube channel. She started by filming her favorite makeup looks, and fast forward to her 3.1M loyal Instagram followers. She’s landed partnerships with not only more than a handful of beauty brands, but fashion brands as well. Desi has her line with Australian sunglass brand Quay, including the extremely popular (and often sold out) “High Key” sunglasses.


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3. Tammy Hembrow:


Tammy Hembrow, aka the hottest mom on the planet, used Instagram to build her fitness programs. She sells fitness and nutritional plans on her website, and does demonstrations on her Youtube page. Her attention-grabbing Instagram is full of images of her adorable 2 kids, hot hubby, and her flawless bod. The family seems to be living the dream in Australia! Tammy’s 5.5M Instagram followers help fuel her fitness business.


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4. Alexis Ren:


20 year old model Alexis Ren has been on our radar for about 5 years now, thanks to her stunning Instagram. The model started out by posting behind-the-scenes photos from photoshoots, and just documenting her travels as a model. The gorgeous model’s body is insane, and her camera-appeal is off the chart. Her popular Instagram account has helped build her modeling career. Keep killin’ it, girl!