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Mental Health

How to Deal with Trauma

            I have experienced one too many traumatic events in my life. These events mentally scar you and it feels like you’re caught in a world where all you can think about is that one event and you keep playing it over, and over again in your head. It’s a battle, it’s a force, and here’s how you can get through it.


1. Take it day by day

Everyday is a struggle, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be like that for forever. With time will heal.

2. Exercise

Exercise produces endorphins which make people feel happy!

3. Journal

Journaling and writing down how you feel, how your day was, and how it affected you can really put it into perspective about how you feel about the little things throughout your day. Try journaling, at least once and see how it affects you.

4. Get a new hobby

Getting a new hobby can distract you from what has happened. Whether it be painting or learning how to play an instrument, picking up a new hobby can make you more versatile and it’s fun!

5. Talking to people when you feel triggered

There are going to be times when you feel triggered and remind you of your trauma and it’s going to hurt. Talking to a person you trust when you feel this way will help immensely.


Time will heal all wounds and your body will be okay, your mind will be okay and most importantly, you will be okay. Trauma happens to the best of us, and one day it will all be a distant memory.


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