Bears in Trees - A Hot Up and Coming Band in the UK



Bears in Trees is an indie-emo-ukulele pop band, or a “dirtbag boy band” as they like to call themselves. The band is composed of four members, each bringing a different element into what makes their sound unique. 


Iain is described as “the most composed dirtbag” and that carries through in his lyrics. He uses his time in the band as a vocalist and bassist.


Callum is a triple threat by using his vocals, ukulele and the keys. He is described as “the literal embodiment of bubblegum” and has a good ear for those catchy pop hooks. 


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George is described as the voice of reason, and serves as a solid quality control for the band. He also brings his skills forward with drums and production.


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 Nick didn’t learn guitar professionally, but he brings his self-taught skills and unique style forward within their music. 


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This year begins a new era of music for Bears in Trees, what they call “I Want To Feel Chaotic”. This is about facing the worst aspects of your personality and the slow acceptance of love. Their first single of the year, released on January 1st, is titled Ramblings of a Lunatic. This song tackles the task of building oneself up after a mental breakdown, and attempting to write after losing important people in your life. 


See the music video for Ramblings of a Lunatic here:

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Their second single came out on January 22nd and is titled Permanence. This track is about holding on to things that make you you during a time of crisis and trying to remain yourself even when you aren’t quite sure who you are.


When talking about their new music they state that “people can expect something that sounds slightly different but still gives you the same feels as our old songs - not knowing whether you should be crying with laughter or crying because you can’t get your life together”. Three more singles will follow in March and May so be sure to keep an eye out for more!


I was lucky enough to touch base with Bears in Trees, and have them answer a few questions about who they are, and what their music is all about. 


Q: What first got you into music?


A: Callum started learning the flute when he was 10 and then joined choirs and orchestras at secondary school and has just finished his degree in music! He’s currently doing a master’s in music therapy. George used to go to orchestra concerts with his family when he was a smol bean. He started learning the drums when he was 13. Iain joined the choir and started learning the drums in secondary school. Being in the school choir has been a massive influence for Callum and Iain because damn they do some smooth vocals! Nick heard folie a deux and has never looked back since. 


Q: Tell me about how you got together as a band? How did you all meet and come together to make music? 


A: Callum and Iain have known each other since they were five and they met Nick at secondary school. They all liked music so decided to start a band! it wasn’t going too great until Callum met George at college and Bears in Trees were formed! (I wish there was a more interesting story than that...) 


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Q: Who are some of your biggest influences?


A: Fall Out Boy, The Front Bottoms, The Wombats, The 1975, Walk the Moon, Tik Tok by Kesha (that song, and only that song.) 


Q: What is the most rewarding part of being a musician? 


A: People singing our songs back at us at gigs! We’ll never get over that.


Q: What is a funny/embarrassing moment that you have had together as a band?


A: We went down to Southampton about 3 years ago now for a rehearsal. Iain had gone

radio silent for two days before and we had no idea if he knew we were going. We met Callum and went over to Iain’s – he wasn’t in. His housemates weren’t in. We messaged them – none of them had heard from him for a week. His phone was off. His parents hadn’t heard from him. He’d gone off the radar. We were this close to calling the police, until we got a message from a random saying 'Hi! Iain’s friend here. He’s been in the mountains all week but he’s on his way back to Southampton now. He’s running late.’ Iain in a nutshell.



Q: Which song of yours means the most to you and why?


A: Not Santa Monica. Me and Iain wrote that one 50/50 – his parts are about me and my parts are about him. It’s all about being 18 and terrified of the future but to be honest that song really helped me through it. 


Q: What is your process for creating new music?


A: Iain and Nick write the lyrics whilst they’re in a pit of despair. Pretty much all of our lyrics are them trying to work through some sort of trauma. Then we all get together and have a jam using the lyrics until something comes out of it! 


Q: What is the biggest obstacle that you have had to overcome as a band thus far?


A: University!! For the last three years at least one of us has been at uni somewhere across England, which made it really difficult to get together to write and rehearse. We had to do lots of traveling, late nights and last minute essays to try and keep the band going! We all had to put so much effort into each rehearsal, gig, photoshoot etc. that it definitely made us stronger as a band! And there was one point where we thought Iain was stranded in the mountains. We don’t talk about that.


Photo credit: Bears in Trees


Follow what Bears in Trees is doing next and keep up to date with their new music! You can also download their tracks on Apple Music and Spotify! 


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