A Peek Inside Our Finals Survival Kit!

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

We're not going to sugarcoat it - this is the most stressful time of year for collegiettes.  Term papers, final presentations, and oh yeah, exams.  Don't blame us if we just feel like retreating under our covers with a giant bag of potato chips and a bottle of wine.

To get us through this tough time, our lovely friends at Her Campus sent us a box full of swag from their fabulous sponsors!  This year's Finals Survival Kit is made to get us through those late-night cram sessions, and also has a few treats (because who doesn't need them this time of year?). 

When exam season rolls around, the first thing to go out the door is our health.  It's super-important to stay hydrated, but usually we're too busy gulping down coffee!  Thanks to our cute CamelBak eddy water bottle (in collegiette-approved pink), we'll have a constant reminder to fill up on H2O.

To help us out even more, we got tons of Cold-EEZE, a natural remedy to help shorten the duration of a cold.  We've got so much of this stuff, we think we might have to go Oprah on everyone.  You get a Cold-EEZE, you get a Cold-EEZE, everybody gets a Cold-EEZE!

Ever notice how quarter-life crises are perfectly timed to happen during exam week?  All of a sudden you don't know what you want to do with your life, and that sociology final is enough to make you consider dropping out of school altogether.  Needless to say, you're definitely in need of some motivation.  Enter: The Timeline Project.

The Timeline Project is an adorable little book that helps you set - and achieve - your goals, whatever they might be!  It's a great way to take a break from working, and get you feeling refreshed and remotivated when you come back!  You can start your own timeline at thetimelineproject.com!

And finally, what good is a Survival Kit without some swag?  Her Campus delivered, with some TLC treats from TRESemmé, BaubleBar, Cosabella and chain & charcoal!  TRESemmé let us try out their 7-Day Keratin Smooth System to keep our hair looking good.  Cosabella lingerie gave us a Cutie Thong, plus coupons for 25% off at cosabella.com.

Finally, some jewelry! BaubleBar sent us an adorable chain bracelet and giftcard, while chain & charcoal gave us $20 to use on a purchase!

Thanks to Her Campus and all their awesome sponsors!  Keep your eyes out for some of these goodies at Her Campus STU events next semester!