How To Survive the End-of-Semester Crunch

Yo, peeps: it's crunch time.

The last two weeks of classes have crept up on us already. It’s hard to believe the semester has gone by so quickly. Some of us move closer to our final steps of post-secondary, some of us move into our final year, some of us moving into our first, and last but not least, some of are right in the middle experiencing the whole package.

No doubt, this is one stressful time. Here are some self-care tips for you in the next couple of weeks.

1. Breathe

A huge mistake nearly all of us make is that we forget to breathe. Take a second and realize everyone is in the same boat. We all have final papers, we all have exams coming up. But it’s important to stop, take a deep breath in, and let it out.

2. Drink tea

I know, we all love coffee. Our bodies are literally made up of 80 per cent water, the other 20 per cent coffee. But tea is much healthier on the body. And between the amount of studying and typing we do we need to make sure we make as many healthy choices that we can. Teavana has some great options for tea, including chai and green teas if you still need that caffeine fix.

3. Take equal breaks

That’s right, for as much time as you spend hunched over your books. Take the equal amount of breaks. I spend a lot of my time studying and forgetting to eat and forgetting to even set foot outside. Go outside, feel the sunshine, embrace the air. It will help just as much.

4. Be social

The worst thing about exam period is that we lose contact with the outside world. We wrap up in our most comfortable clothing, we wipe off our makeup, we hoard huge amounts of food and coffee and we study, and we write. Remember, we are all in this together, so take an hour from your study sessions and go have a cup of Joe with a friend or go for a walk to market with a group. Being social helps. As humans, it keeps us sane.

5. Remember, you can do it!

We always fall into this abyss where we think that everything is hopeless. This 10-page paper will never get done, this exam is going to kick my butt into the next millennium. But, you can do it, I promise!