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Your Semester as Told by The Office Memes

When your alarm goes off for your 8 A.M. class:

Sitting in class, yet understanding absolutely nothing:

And then the professor asks if there are any questions:

Zoning out and thinking about what’s for lunch

When the professor finally dismisses class:

Getting ready to sleep but remembering that one assignment you completely forgot about: 

When Friday finally comes around:

Having no idea what’s happening in class and accepting your fate: 

When someone says you look exhausted: 

Enjoying your last day of freedom because you know finals are around the corner: 

Wanting to nap, but realizing how much work you actually have to do tonight: 

Daydreaming about how close you are to summer:

Spending more time calculating what you need to get on the final rather than studying for it: 

How you feel after pulling all-nighters for multiple days in a row: 

If finals week were a person: 

Walking into your final exam like: 

And….walking out:Checking your grades on Blackboard:

Finally your chaotic semester in a nutshell: 

Whether we like it or not, it’s a miracle that we make it through each semester. But hey, we must be doing something right! No matter what we go through, all of this is for a reason and we are a lot stronger than we think. Just remember this as you are studying for finals, losing sleep, or wishing you were anywhere but class.


Gifs courtesy of Giphy

Suzanne Tawch

Stony Brook '20

Pre-Med. Things I like: coffee, Netflix, That 70's Show, memes. Things I don't like: Mondays, Youtube Ads, pineapple on pizza.
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