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During the winter, many of us may want to stay inside, curl up under blankets and watch movies. This can be enjoyable, but this season has a lot to offer outdoors if you want to be active and are willing to brave the cold. Winter sports are great because everyone can try them, even if you’re just starting out, and it’s a great group activity with friends.



A personal favorite winter activity of mine is alpine skiing. Head to a ski resort and not only will you enjoy breathtaking views of snow covered trees and get a workout in, but you’ll also get to race down a slope and experience what truly feels like freedom. You could also try cross-country skiing, which involves using your own movement to propel you across a flatter slope.




If you are a skateboarder or own a ripstik, snowboarding may be for you. While it has a reputation for being more difficult to learn than skiing, but easier to master, if you put your mind to it, you could be tearing down the mountain after a few days of practice. Know that you’ll be spending a lot of time on your butt if you’re just starting out—and that’s totally normal.


Ice Skating

Ice skating is a really fun group activity that can be done leisurely or for sport, showing off intricate routines and jumps. If outdoors, skate in an area that is marked for skating, to ensure that the ice is safe, or go to an indoor rink. With a little practice and some figure-eights you’ll soon be feeling like Ice Princess.




Once you’ve tried ice skating, you can add competition by playing hockey. Brush up on the rules, gather your friends for a friendly game (so no one gets hurt), or just practice shooting goals. Watching hockey is also exciting, so if you’re not ready to be in the action, getting tickets to a game will make for a fun wintry outing.



This sport involves sliding stones across the ice with the goal of landing them in a target. Two players sweep the ice in front of the stone to alter its path. It involves a lot of strategy and accuracy, and could get intense, so try organizing a game with friends and see who has a talent for it.



If you enjoy hiking or running, you can try it in the snow with snowshoes. Snowshoeing is a good workout, is fairly easy to learn, and can be done alone for solitude or as a social activity. You can explore different types of terrain and techniques for a picturesque snowy adventure.


If you are looking for less sporty outdoor recreation, try sledding, having a snowball fight, or building a snowman, or come up with your own game. Spending time outside and taking in the scenery is great, as long as you are prepared for the elements. These winter sports offer a way to get yourself out of the house to be active and have fun with friends. Remember that skill comes with practice, so if you are just starting, be patient with yourself. When you get better at the sports you try, you’ll be able to progress into areas of greater difficulty, like black diamond slopes, jumps, and tricks. Bundle up to stay warm, drink water to stay hydrated, follow these activities with hot chocolate, and enjoy the snowy season ahead!


Julie Truncali

Stony Brook '21

Stony Brook University Class of 2021 Civil Engineering Major New York Farm Girl