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Why Walk of NO Shame is So Important

Last September Amber Rose did a Funny or Die skit titled ‘Walk Of NO Shame’, and the message of the skit still rings true today. Women shouldn’t have to feel shame for having sex or skipping out in the morning before their partner wakes up. It’s a double standard that seems to be getting worse and worse as the days go on. It asks the question, why are men celebrated for having multiple hookups while women are shamed for having more than one? But, this skit helps people understand what should be happening.Amber Rose encounters a few people on her walk through the town which include a delivery man, a woman walking her dog, an elderly woman, and others. All of these people are celebrating what she was doing instead of telling her that she’s wrong. The way they react towards her is the proper way to react. She shouldn’t be ashamed by other people for making choices about her own body. One guy even says that she’s an inspiration for his daughter! Towards the end of the skit, the mayor of the town even gives her a key to the city for the confidences in the choices that she makes for her body.Amber Rose is an important figure in modern feminism, tackling the patriarchy head on with this video and it’s important not to let this skit die. While it was a good laugh, slut shaming is a real thing that happens to women all of the time. You don’t owe anyone an explanation and if they give you an attitude, just do what Amber Rose did to Matt McGorry, and walk away.

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