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Why I Love Being A Biology Major

Even though at times organic chemistry and biology lab seem like unnecessary evils, I can’t imagine being any other major. Biology majors can look forward to applying what they learn in class to the real world. I will forever be a biology major because:

1. Versatility

Within the one field of biology, there are many subsets such as biochemistry, physiology, ecology, and evolution. It ensures that you never get bored with one thing and that you will find one subset that you really resonate with. It also opens up your career field so you can choose to be almost anything from a doctor to a conservation scientist. The major prepares you for a wide set of careers.

2. It’s Mind Blowing

In every biology class, you learn new things that you had no idea where true. Did you know the brain is more active at night than in class during the day? Or that your eyes are always the same size since birth? How about that an adult is made up of 7 octillion atoms? Biology majors get to experience the world from all different angles as every biology class you take provides you with new information to see things in a new light.

3. Everything Else Becomes easy

Organic chemistry and other difficult courses that are a requirement for biology majors make all other courses seem like a piece of cake. However, the hard classes are beneficial because they better prepare you to succeed in all other situations.

4. People Automatically Think You’re Smart

When people see you carrying around your 1,408-page organic chemistry textbook they assume right away that you can handle anything academically. They’ll ask you how in the world you are able to handle the hard science classes with a priceless look on their face.

5. The Whole World is Biology

Your whole body is biology and being a biology major means that you can understand what molecules are being transported where in your body right now. You can know how and why everything in the world is happening and that’s some pretty cool knowledge to have on-hand.

Being a biology major has become part of who I am. Every day is an adventure as I learn more about the science of the world.


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