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What To Watch During Midterm Season

Midterm season is well underway, Seawolves! And when we’re not at the library studying (or more likely at Starbucks procrastinating), we need some fun stuff to binge-watch! While there are about a million shows and movies we could binge watch, it’s always more fun to watch motivating TV shows or movies! So read on to find out the perfect way to spend your day! (After you’ve studied, obviously)

1. Clueless

As if we wouldn’t start this list with Clueless! Although Cher is in high school, us collegiettes can relate a lot to her! She has a killer sense of fashion, is a ride-or-die best friend, and is also quite dedicated to her studies! I mean, she does spend a large part of the movie trying to raise her grades! While we might not end up going to the lengths she did, Clueless is the perfect movie for ‘90s nostalgia (Plus Paul Rudd!)

2. Legally Blonde

You’re lying to yourself if you never wanted to pull an Elle Woods and completely reinvent yourself and prove everyone wrong. I always find the montages where Elle studies for the LSAT and the “I’ll show you how valuable Elle Woods can be” are so inspiring, especially when you feel like you can’t read one more page of your textbook. Elle is someone we can all look up to, no matter what you’re studying. At the end of the day, Elle realizes that helping people and bettering herself is better than any boy, which is something we should always realize!

3. How To Get Away With Murder

Maybe HTGAWM isn’t the most upbeat show on this list, but hey, watching it will make you feel better about your own life! It’s something that is so easy to get caught up in, and before you know it, you’ll have watched almost every season. Viola Davis is amazing, and watching her fight for the greater good, especially in the later seasons, is always something that motivates me to reach a little higher. Plus, you’ll have a killer time trying to figure out the season’s mystery!

4. The Princess Diaries

Definitely one of the best movies to come out of the 2000s, The Princess Diaries remains iconic to this day. To be honest, it isn’t that motivating, academically wise at least, but Mia remains a totally inspiration in other ways. Finding out you’re the princess of a country can’t be easy, and neither can finding out you have to change basically your entire self to fit in. However, Mia doesn’t have to change herself to become the Princess of Genovia- she accomplishes that all on her own, and by staying true to herself.

5. The Devil Wears Prada

Okay, this is another one that made it onto this list based purely on how fun it is to watch! There is nothing more satisfying than watching Miranda deliver the best one-liners, or watch Andy figure out the world of high fashion. And much like Mia, Andy also figures out that you don’t need to change who you are at heart to fit in. Who you are is more than enough, and that’s something I think everyone needs to hear a little bit more.

Good luck on midterms and happy binge watching everyone!

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