What the Upcoming Holiday Seasons Should Bring

Halloween has passed and we’ve now moved into November. And with the passage of Halloween, there is now the anticipation of the upcoming holidays. There’s always debating every year about when it’s the appropriate time to begin celebrating Christmas. Should people be allowed to start singing carols and putting up decorations, or should they hold off till Thanksgiving? There’s a lot of different points you could bring up for either side, but there’s something we often don’t look at for both of them. 

Holidays are always about celebrating something special and important for a group of people. But regardless of the holiday, the key thing about them is that you spend them with people you love. Coming together to celebrate something and getting to be around one another is something we often take for granted. It’s also why people don’t want others to take the holiday season for granted. 

People want others to appreciate Thanksgiving because it’s an entire holiday dedicated to spending time with your family. They don’t want it to be overshadowed by corporations trying to take advantage of the holiday season and having sales on sales, causing everyone to plan for different holidays. Corporations love to take advantage of everyone's’ compassion for each other and cause the holidays to become more stressful and more materialistic than what they should be. Holidays like Thanksgiving get the back end of people’s attention because everyone feels the need to prepare for Christmas instead. We must appreciate what each holiday brings and more importantly that each holiday brings us around those that are most important in our lives. 

So while we all may have our own opinions on the correct timing to begin celebrating Christmas, it’s more important that we appreciate what holidays allow us to celebrate. Being around loved ones and appreciating each other is what we should be focusing on the most during each holiday. So as we start the new month of November, use it to spend time with friends and family. Working hard in school is important, but getting to be around those you love is even more important.