What to Expect at Vans Warped Tour 2016

Every summer, since 1995, The Warped Tour sponsored by Vans has been touring around North America inspiring people with rock music. It is the longest running tour music festival in North America and continues to reach success every year.

This year, Vans Warped Tour will probably have one of its best lineups yet, especially in comparison to last year. Popular bands such as Good Charlotte, Sum 41, Bullet For My Valentine, Mayday Parade, Sleeping With Sirens, Falling In Reverse, Yellowcard, We The Kings, Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, New Found Glory, Crown The Empire and many more loved bands will be present.

Rock music festivals, or rock concerts in general, are usually much crazier than a regular pop concert. Since bands like to be involved with the crowd a lot, many fans enjoy crowd surfing and forming mosh pits. Mosh pits can be fun but they sure require A LOT of energy and can get a little bit crazy sometimes. If you don’t know what a mosh pit is, it’s basically a group of people in a circle in the crowd near the performance stage, “dancing” and pushing one another around the circle. In most scenarios, fans are usually intoxicated.

What to wear to Vans Warped Tour? First things first, you want to be comfortable. Since Warped Tour is a summer tour, all the venues take place outside and it goes on for hours. You want to have comfortable shoes on, preferably Vans? Clothing wise, check the temperature, but you’ll probably want to wear shorts and a light top, maybe a band tee. Some girls like to wear flower crowns… please don’t wear a flower crown unless you want to be shunned by everyone present. Have fun with your look and if you’re trying to stand out, dye your hair blue or something! Also, sunscreen is a must because you will be in the drenching sun for hours.

Although there is no age limit for the music festival, I wouldn’t recommend bringing your eight year old to the concert with you. Many of the bands debuted years ago, so the majority of the fans are at least sixteen years old, some maybe even around forty.

Since there are probably going to be a lot of teens and wild twenty year olds there, expect the crowd to be drunk and reeking of marijuana. Beware of people passing out on you or even throwing up on you. But if you can dodge that, you’ll definitely have a good time making fun of all the belligerent people around you.

In addition to the hella wild crowd, there is a high possibility you’ll get to meet your favorite band because when they’re not performing, they’ll probably be walking around the venue checking out other activities.

Also! There are going to be a bunch of different tents, some will be selling merchandise or food and others will have information and sponsors where you can get involved through social media. Usually, at the main tent you can find the schedule of when and where your favorite bands are performing. There will be multiple stages designated for different bands, so make sure you know where to go and when if you don’t want to miss your band’s performance!

Well, now I hope you have an idea of what to expect at Warped Tour this year! You definitely don’t want to miss it, especially with such iconic bands performing! If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet you can get them here!