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Unruly Advice for Planning Post-Graduation Trips

With graduation approaching in just two months, there is a long list of things I have planned (in my mind, of course). Going on a trip post-graduation with friends is currently sitting at the top of that list, but oh, the things that can and do go wrong in trying to actually do so. Graduating itself is already a nerve-wracking experience – add in job searches, graduate school applications, interviews and apartment searches to the mix and you feel like you’re drowning in piles of work and anxiety. And amidst all this, planning a trip might seem like the last thing you want to do, but this is exactly why you need this trip. After four grueling years of exams, stress, and old, run down dorms, a break away from the realities of life is something we all crave and more importantly, need.


After going through the entirety of the dreadful process of flight-booking, hotel-searching, car-renting and sight-seeing reservations, here are a few things I wish I did better to plan my trip and am hoping will help out fellow soon-to-be graduating students, as well:


If your friends are graduating with you as well, make sure you first settle everyone’s schedule and preferred timings. Everyone has one thing or another planned, whether they are starting their new jobs or moving back home, so the best thing you can do is have everyone’s solidified schedule to find an opening that works for all. It’s kind of presumptuous to leave someone out or expect someone to take a leave from their new job so try to plan accordingly.

Where are you going?

Living on the East Coast for the past four years has me dreading the cold and yearning for warmer places. But maybe it’s the opposite for you and your friends, so shortlist destinations by choosing what all of you are looking for out of this trip. Are you planning on going international? If so, there is so much more that goes into planning international travel, beginning with visa applications and travel insurance. Hence, make sure you start at the very least a month or two out when planning for this.


I guess choosing the destination and budget go hand in hand. In some cities, you can book your flights and hotels within $500 but in other places it can cost up to thousands. So, make sure you choose places that fit everyone’s budget. Of course, renting out Airbnbs or hotel rooms is cheaper when there are a lot more people travelling with you. In addition to hotels or resorts, research the cost of travel within the city, sight-seeing costs, food/dining prices and of course factor in some extra money in case of an emergency, or better yet, for shopping!

Don’t give up!

For us the biggest problem was probably just giving up, midway. We delayed it so much that perhaps we could have gotten better deals if we stuck to our initial plans. But as annoying as this entire process is know that you’ll be thankful when you finally get on that flight to your destination. You deserve this break so don’t give up!

Bon voyage!

Rushnan Islam

Stony Brook '20

Rushnan is currently a senior Biology major at Stony Brook University. She loves coffee, books, writing, and city-hopping (in that order)!
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