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Types of Girls You Will Date in College: Stony Brook Edition

Everyone knows there are certain people you end up dating/ hooking up with in college. But at Stony Brook, those people are a little bit different. 

1. The Athlete

We all know see the girls decked out in head to toe Stony Brook logos. While usually you’ll see them rushing from practice to class, these girls go all out for the weekends, and yet somehow always manage to look gorgeous sweating or in heels. And even though they travel in packs and are friends with just about every other sports person known to the student population, these girls are actually really sweet once you get to know them. And while you won’t be their number one priority (sports, school, friends AND THEN you), this girl knows how to multi-task and manage her time well.

2. The International Student

As a school with a large Asian and International population, odds are you will end up with one of them. Although they tend to stick in a group and sometimes are quiet, they’re really nice. Often seen going to Asian American clubs or taking the LIRR, they’re really cool to get to know, especially if you want to learn about other cultures.

3. The Commuter

Whether at home or in a house off campus, this girl is mostly unseen, unless she hangs out on campus til 11 PM. Big plus: she can drive you wherever you want, on a whim. Possible minus: will need a dorm to nap in half the time.

4. The Sorority Girl

Trust me, most of these girls are not the typical stereotype. She loves her “family” like her own, knows all the best parties to go to, and is always down to do fun things. She knows a lot of Greek life people (because let’s face it, it’s not that big on campus and super close-knit) but don’t let that deter you, she’ll make time for you between all the philanthropy and mixers.

5. The TA

Don’t act surprised. It’s not against the rules, but odds are the cutie that gave you that A instead of a B will end up passing in your book, somewhere along the line. She’s smart, not afraid to lead, and will help you with your classes (odds are she knows other TA’s).


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