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Top 10 Parks and Rec Moments

The popular show “Parks and Recreation” has officially been off the air since February 2015, but it’s still as popular today as it was back then! The show has had so many great moments that people still talk about them today. Between Tom creating Snake Juice, Lil’ Sebastian’s funeral, and Leslie pretending that she didn’t know who her mother was, it was hard to narrow it down to just ten moments. But, here are some of my favorites!

1. Treat Yo Self

2. Ben’s Love for Calzones

3. The Show Predicting the Cubs Winning4. DJ Roomba

5. Jerry Being… Jerry6. Andy and April Getting Together7. Drunk Ron Swanson8. Pizza is Knowledge9. When Leslie and April Proved They Could Be Garbage Women10. Knope vs Wyatt at The Model UN Meeting

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