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Tips When Going to a Concert

Concerts are so much fun to go to. Seeing one of your favorite artists in person is so surreal. You tell yourself that you won’t record the whole thing on your phone, but you do it anyway because it’s too exciting not to capture. Here are a few ways to make the most of your night. 

1. If you want to be front row, go super early.

Going an hour early is usually not enough to guarantee the closest spot to the artist. My suggestion is going two or three hours earlier than the time stated on the ticket. This way, you’re one of the first to go through the doors and can hold your ground all the way at the front.

2. Always eat a meal beforehand.

Concert venues don’t usually sell food when you get inside and even if the one you’re going to does, still eat beforehand. You don’t want to be caught in between the food bar and the huge crowd of people waiting for the artist to come out. Eating beforehand will keep your energy up for the hours of jamming you’ll be doing during the concert.

3. Stay hydrated.

Make sure you have enough water to drink throughout the whole concert. All the jumping around that you do will make you thirsty! The last thing you want is to pass out from dehydration. It can definitely happen, so keep water close to you. 

4. Keep calm and don’t push.

There is no way of avoiding annoying, pushy, drunk people at a concert. People tend to get rowdy in this type of setting. The best thing to do is hold your temper. If people start to push (which they definitely will), don’t push back or get upset. I know it’s difficult, but the more understanding people there are, the better the experience.

5. Have a great time.

You’re about to see an artist live and in the flesh. Take in the moment and enjoy.

Music has such a great influence on our generation and allows people to express themselves in a unique way. Concerts bring music enthusiasts together and create a space where everyone can enjoy themselves. That is why I personally love going to them and recommend the experience to anyone and everyone.


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