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Tips To Survive Finals Season

It is finally that time of the semester when your collective effort and knowledge get tested during the last few days of the year. Because finals often weigh more and include an entire semester’s syllabus, it is a tough time to get through, with all the studying, cramming, anxiety and anticipation for the holidays that lie ahead. Here are a few tips that might help you survive finals season without losing your mind. And hopefully I take my own advice to keep myself from losing mine!

Avoid Watching Holiday Content:

The dawn of December means that people are in holiday spirits, getting warm and cozy, beginning to gear up for Christmas, forgetting their worries and simply enjoying the last month of the year. Unfortunately, this is also the season of finals, which means being too cozy will just not do. In December, it is tempting to binge on holiday movies- old and new alike, but seeing everyone, (in the movies and I.R.L,) in holiday spirits just makes me feel irritated about the piling work I have to do to get through the last leg of the semester. Watching holiday movies makes me feel sad about not getting to experience the holidays sooner and throws me off my studying schedule. If you want to watch anything at all, watch motivational documentaries. Those, along with caffeine, of course, will get you up and running for your finals prep.

Do Not Give Up on Personal Hygiene:

During finals week, it is easy to get so engrossed in studies that you sit in the same place, in the same baggy clothes for hours at a stretch. But please remember to brush, shower, eat on time, get dressed in proper clothes and wash your face occasionally to get rid of the exhaustion. These are the basic daily habits that are expected of every person, but it is amazing how college students can forget all norms of social decency and personal hygiene during finals week. Not skipping your daily rituals will get you out of a slump and make you feel more human, so please spare some time for that.

Get Enough Sleep:

There is no doubt that finals week will have you studying for long and sleepless hours. But studying when you are struggling to keep your eyes open will only take you longer to retain what you are reading. If you are too sleepy for your brain to function at its normal speed, all your efforts can be counterproductive. So, please sleep when you reach the point of exhaustion. A quick power nap or a full eight hours of sleep (one can dream, right?) can make you study more efficiently, making you better prepped and keeping you sane for your finals.

Take Quick Meditation Breaks: 

Quick breaks between study session are important. But do NOT use these breaks to check social media. Even if scrolling looks like a harmless indulgence, it rarely is. Scrolling past social media posts can leave you feeling exhausted and drained. For something called mindless scrolling, it is surprisingly damaging for your peace of mind. Not to mention you are most likely to lose track of time while on social media. A great idea for a quick break is meditation. You can either sit in a cross-legged meditative pose and do a guided meditation or just sit still for a few minutes. Whatever you prefer to do, it is enough to provide a quick break and recharge you for studying further.

And lastly, remember that with just a little extra dedication and effort, you can get over this milestone that is finals week and make it safely to the other side. Push your limits, but don't be too hard on yourself. ALL THE BEST!

Aakanksha Kirtane

Stony Brook '22

My name is Aakanksha and I am a junior at Stony Brook University, majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Math and minoring in Women and Gender Studies. I am an international student, born and bred in Mumbai, India. I am passionate about championing women in STEM and devouring a well made Avocado toast!
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