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Thrift Shopping Gems: High Quality, Low Prices

Retail therapy is always a good stress reliever, but it can be difficult to find what you want without breaking the bank. That’s why thrift shopping is an amazingly cheap alternative for anything from designer jeans to vintage handbags to even home decor! Despite their often overwhelmingly large storefronts, peeling through the endless racks of clothing is definitely worth your time. Over the past few years, I’ve been thrifting more and more and have accumulated some awesome finds along the way, and saved tons of money in the process.

Take a look below!


Authentic Tommy Hilfiger Jeans: $12.00



When I came across these, I was convinced the universe gave me these jeans as a gift – I still am convinced. Being 6’1, it’s usually nearly impossible to find jeans that fit me in all the right places. These fit better than any jeans I can find in retail stores today!


Calvin Klein Leather Tote: $8.00



I’ve been searching everywhere for a high quality handbag and just recently discovered this on one of my thrifting trips. I was over the moon to find a designer bag like this hidden among the worn-down discarded purses strewn around the store. Thrifting tip #1: dig around!


Cactus-Shaped Vase: $3.00


One thing I absolutely love is decorating my room. I spotted this vase collecting dust on a shelf and knew immediately I was going to take it home. And at $3.00, I had no excuse not to. It’s the little things like this I find that keep my love for thrifting going!


New York Rangers Sweatshirt: $13.00


This oversized Nike brand New York Rangers sweatshirt has a fleece inside that makes me feel like I’m wearing a literal blanket. I mean, what more could you want out of an oversized sweatshirt?


Woven Flared Pants: $11.00


Before I found these I was scouring for a pair of light, woven pants with an added flare that matched the cute summer trends. I couldn’t find anything within my price range or a style I loved, until I found these! Comfortable or stylish, you can dress these up or down for an equally cute look. What makes them even better is the unbeatable price.


Save money, live better. Thrift!

Paige Clarke

Stony Brook '20

Year: Junior Major: Journalism Minor: Digital Arts Hometown: Yonkers, NY
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