Things That Can Ruin Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is always a holiday that everyone looks forward to each year. Delicious food. Family and friends. More food. However, with expectations so high for such a great holiday with such an unfortunate meaning behind it (the slaughtering of Native American tribes), there must be many things that ruin Thanksgiving.

1. Family Gathered around the dinner table, you see family you haven’t seen all year. You finally come back home from college to feast with your family and a bunch of extended family you barely know. They start asking you about your school grades and relationship status, the two things you really don’t want to talk about in front of EVERYONE. Family drama? Even better. Nothing says Thanksgiving like family tension.

2. Turkey The turkey is a little bit burnt and can ruin your Thanksgiving feat Snapchat story. Even though no one really likes turkey, it’s the photo that counts, right?

3. Thanksgiving? Your parents are pretty foreign and have no clue what Thanksgiving is. You were raised in the eyes of American society, so you kind of want a traditional American Thanksgiving for once...but your parents think of it as just any other day…

4. Black Friday

You want the whole family to be together but everyone dinner each year on Thanksgiving just keeps getting earlier and earlier. Why? Stores are opening up at 8 P.M. on Thanksgiving day and your folks go crazy for those sales.

5. Someone’s missing It doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving unless your favorite member is there. Sometimes, timing just doesn’t work out and they can’t be there. You act like it’s no big deal but they’re really the only person you want to see.

6.Boyfriends/ Girlfriends We’re at the age where our relationships are more serious to the point we go to our significant other’s family Thanksgiving dinners. One word. Stress.

7. Too much food

Food is probably the best feeling on Thanksgiving. However, you can’t help but feel guilty eating all that food, especially since it’s so good compared to the food you eat on campus every day. One Thanksgiving dinner knocks out two weeks at the gym. #Gains, but in the unwanted type of gains.

8. Not enough food

Your family has too many dietary restrictions so the only thing you’re allowed to eat is mashed potatoes…