These Sculptures Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Over the past few days, a photoset of sculptures created by artist Jonty Hurwitz has been circulating Twitter feeds that are pioneering in execution and form. Using a cylindrical mirror at the center, Hurwitz creates stunning abstract sculptures made of copper or steel covered with oil paints, constructing and rotating them around the mirror to reveal their truest forms - from parts of the human body to even frogs.

Born in Johannesburg, 48-year-old Jonty Hurwitz spent much of his time as a researcher in South Africa before traveling to India to study yoga and wood carving. Eventually, he landed in London, England to design computer games and algorithms, and began pursuing sculpture in 2009. In 2015, he was awarded two Guinness World Records for creating both the smallest animal sculpture and smallest sculpture of the human form using nanotechnology.

His “anamorphic” sculptures pictured below are very carefully calculated using 3D technology to achieve exact measurements that accurately depict the subject matter in the reflective cylinder, playing with themes of perspective. Take a look.


You can view more of Hurwitz’ pieces on his site here. Check out his YouTube channel where he publishes some videos about his latest works.