St. Patrick's Day Eyeshadow Tutorial

If you are like me, then you love to dress up every holiday. On St. Patrick's Day we can go all out with green, gold, white and orange. However, if you have a job where you have a uniform or have to wear business/professional clothing or for one reason or another, dressing up is just unprofessional or inappropriate. Lucky for you, you can still celebrate the holiday using eyeshadow!

This tutorial is quick and easy. I used my finger rather than a brush because I noticed that I had better color play off than for example, getting a more opaque look with using a brush. After applying primer, follow these following steps for a fun St. Patrick's day look!


Step 1: Cover your entire lid in a gold shade

Step 2: Apply a bright green to the outer corner in a sideways V shape and blend inwards

Step 3: Extend the green under your lower lashes Step 4: Apply a darker green in the crease. Voila! You have a perfect St. Patrick's Day themed eyeshadow!

Here is the full video of the makeup tutorial: